Welcome to Artfully Random


So the hardest part of my portfolio is this, the bio. Well I guess I'll start with that I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh(AIP), a couple years back, in Game Art and Design. Now, I decided I wanted to go to AIP and study Game Art and Design so I could learn more about illustrating, and character design. But while I was there I learned so much and more, from 3D, and animation to HTML/ CSS, graphic design. Through my time there, I realized how much love I have for all types of design.


While I was at AIP I also had many experiences that broaden my horizons. Friends took the time to introduce to different type of music genres. Even though I did not like some, I did end up liking many of the genres. Also while with my stay there I experienced different jobs from roadie, to outfitter, and event promoter. After all that I've noticed I just like to stay busy and that I'm not much for down time.


Now for somethings I'm just into. The first being is traveling, I love to travel actually by airplane . There's so many places I'd like to visit England being one. I'm big into gaming, I love the stories that they weave. For others I like the fun factor of the creativity that goes into them, but that most likely is a no brainer due to what I studied in school. Then there's my hobby of just sketching things that pop into my head. These are just some of the things that are my interest.

That's Me